Monday, 5 April 2010

AWOL apologies

Well where do I start?
its been a funny couple of weeks here, first of all I have had poor hubby ill in bed for almost a week, we all know how MAN flu affects the weaker sex ( his words not mine)but he was quite ill and needed the doctor to visit............THEN he very kindly passed his bugs on to me, but now we all know how far superior we are at handling illness.............mainly because we have to as nothing would get done around here lol and I have been struggling with a bad chest and aches and pains but only managed half a day in bed lol as hoovering and chores make me better ( my words not his lol)
I have managed to make a few cards between chasing Millie for this and trying to retrieve that and getting nowhere..............Today I found her with my blister pack of decongestants, minus 2 tablets....she never told me she had a bad chest!
and then this evening I poured myself a glass of Rose`, went to the kitchen getting things ready for tea.............and she came happily in licking her lips and smelling strongly of alcohol, when I checked my glass it was half empty....................Anyone want an alcoholic puppy with a bad chest?

Any tips on puppy care. gladly accepted lol

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Safe at last!

At long last the work is almost complete to stop our little cottage floating down the river lol
The heavy machines are getting less each day and at the moment the are putting the footpath back and landscaping the bank. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week and I can finally start my spring cleaning ! oh Joy of Joys x x x

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I Was Robbed!!

My darling sister in law came to stay yesterday. her and my brother live in Bulgaria and they take it in turns to come over a few times a year( they do get on lol but Sue's mum lives with them and needs looking after so can't be left alone)

Anyway.........I have been trying for ages to get her into crafting as she doesn't have a hobby, I have been sending her bits to get her going but when she came yesterday she ravaged my craft stash!! and when I say ravaged...I MEAN ravaged lol

from my gems to my gadgets, from my pens to my paper lol I have a suspicion her luggage allowance will be over when she checks in at Luton.... ha!ha! serves you right lady lol

My peel off pens have disappeared, along with my clear stamping block and a lorra lorra other bits, Its a good job I love her and helped her pack them safey lol

I miss her when she goes home, this time I am missing alot more haha

This afternoon I had a little play with my distressing inks and I have to say I like the effect! what do you think?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Harrogate Craft last.....

Its seemed along while coming. but finally it was the day to go to Harrogate for the Papercraft Show. It was raining heavily as we left and the traffic was constant, but finally we reached Heaven...I mean Harrogate lol

It was like being let loose in a toy shop........craft stalls everywhere full of pretty sparklies and all different goodies all begging to come home with me. I set myself a budget( with a little leeway lol, well you just have to don't you lol) and off we went. I had my man servant with me ( commonly known as Will the hubby !) he is really great and lets me look and buy as I like cos he knows the consequences otherwise haha.

If only I could wander round when its empty and everyone else has gone home, there was so many people there, all with the same intent as me..........BUY AS MUCH AS YOU NEED lol...sorry WANT lol

but we finally managed to get round and as Will was beginning to flag somewhat, we decided to leave some of the nice shiny goodies for another day and give someone else a chance.

Anyway we couldn't leave our Millie for too long so we braved the traffic again and arrived back home to empty my bags........would you like the list of purchases?

1 Martha Stewart punch

4 distress inks

pack of ink dusters( very like shaving brushes lol)

Jolly Nation 3d box card kit

funky tree embossing folder

2 packs card candy

Mandala Reflections easi embossing board

storage boxes for card candy

easi lift tape/pinflair glue/pokey tool( cos I broke mine trying to prize something of the wall !!)

various envelopes/cello bags

several decoupage sheets


I think I need a lie down now xxxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Craft Room

I took a few pics last week of my craft room, I have been crafting for 5 yrs and finally got it as I want it lol for the time being !!

Fathers Day Cards

I finally got 5 minutes to upload my pics, Millie is being a pain inthe bottom lately so 5 minutes is a luxury lol . I have to say THANK YOU to Will for looking after her on an evening so I can craft. I wouldn'n change her though .....or maybe just a little bit lol

Monday, 15 March 2010

Well I cant believe its Monday again. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and all the Mums were spoilt. I had my special day out on Saturday with my darling Gemma and we had a lovely lunch and shopped ( as girls do lol) I love my girlie time with my baby.
I heard from both my boys on Sunday and then Will, Millie and I went for a lovely long walk in Dalby Forest, only to get stuck in a heavy rain and hail storm and got wet through to our undies ( Millie wasn't wearing any lol) so we came home earlier than planned but it was still a lovely day and the weather faired up to a bright afternoon.
Today I have been busy making Fathers Day cards for the troops, and as we all know mens cards aren't our favourite to make so they are simple ,but I am pleased with them as I managed to make 20 towards my target of 100. I will take photo's tomorrow and post them as I am all snuggled after my bath and settling down for some telly time

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Postie still not called

All my fellow crafters will understand my frustration,we just dont do waiting for craft stuff do we? I've been waiting a whole 5 days now and the strain is beginning to show lol
here are a few cards I made this week, using my treasured Martha Stewart Punches and some shiny animal decoupage. I am managing to pinch a few minutes todayas Millie has had 2 very long walks already and at the moment she is sleeping, only she knows for how long lol

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday and sunny

Well, here we are at another weekend, Gemma and Adam have just been round to show us their new car, and very smart it is,

Will is in his shed" playing", Millie is asleep but for how long is any ones guess lol ,so I thought I would take the chance to pop on a few cards I did yesterday. I am trying to use up some bits and found these oriental decoupage, not my usual type of card, but I think they are ok and as I have to pinch whatever crafting time I can with little millie causing mayhem they will go into my next lot of charity cards. I took a huge parcel of cards to the local hospital this week for the renal unit, so I hope they raise some needed funds with them.
I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoys the proposed sunshine we are supposed to get tomorrow x x x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Pinch and a Punch!

I cant believe its March already, where are the months going? Its a busy month for Birthdays in our family so I have been making a few special cards, both my sons have birthdays this month, also my SIL and my nephew.We had the grandchildren yesterday for a while and little Leo wanted to make Daddy a card, so I will add it for you to see.(computer card for Chris, note the hobnobs and coffee lol,camera card for Andrew, my son in Law is a simpsons fan and knows all the scripts, so I googled the images and qoutes, I think he will like it. The motor bike card was made by leo, isnt he talented)

Millie was back at the vets today as her wound was a bit sore, they took the stitches out early to help it heal, so hopefully it will soon look less swollen...poor baby.

We organised a week to Bulgaria in May to go see my brother and his wife, so looking forward to it for the break and hopefully some sunshine. so we need to find Millie somewhere nice to stay, no kennels for my baby lol, we're going to meet someone from a dog sitting service soon as they look after them in their home and treat them as part of the family. She is one spoilt but well loved doggy( some folk might think we're silly, but she is a big part of our life)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's been a busy day

Hello and phew, am I tired lol

Millie is back to her usual robust self and keeping me busy but I have actually had a bit of time to make a few cards( Thankyou Will for occupying puppy dog )

These are made from a download called "Little Breast Beauties" from Scrapbooking mad.

They're in support of breast cancer so I hope you like them

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I wish I was a dog

Cor! do I feel woof today !

Millie came back yesterday afternoon all sleepy and dopey( well dopier than normal lol) but i had a bad nights sleep again and expected her to be still subdued this morning........well how wrong can you get!

after chasing her for my socks, then her chewing the "bucket" collar ( to stop her chewing her stitches)which then fell of its like she never had an operation at all.

It took me ages to get over my hystericalectomy so why isnt she laid on the couch expecting tea and sympathy and reading a mag as I was lol

ah well looks like my crafting is on hold yet again


Monday, 22 February 2010

An early start to the day

Today's the day Millie goes to be speyed, so we were up at 7am to get to the vets for 8am. She was so excited I dont think she knew what was in store:(
We came home and the house was so empty, it was strange to be abe to do the housework without someone running off with the duster( No it isn't usually Will lol) or sit with pleading eyes while I wrestle the bin contents from her lol
I intended to do some crafting so I will say ttfn for now and await the call to go pick up our baby X

Sunday, 21 February 2010

This is me kind lol

Novice blogger

Hi there and welcome to my blog( if this works it will be a miracle)
I am being bullied inbto blogging but I think I may have got the hang of it lol

Its a cold and snowy day here so I am trying to do some crafting.Millie is asleep so shhhhhhhhhhhh
She goes for her speying operation tomorrow so I may not get the chance to blog for a few days, so I better get her Get Well Card done now lol

I'm not sure how I did it ...but I did ..thankyou Lynne. These are the cards I made for Molly and Maisie

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Well I'm not quite sure!

Here goes nothing !
This is my first attempt at blogging and to be honest I dont know how or why lol
My name is Christine and I am a craftaholic. Phew I feel better now