Monday, 19 December 2011

I've been playing!

At last the postman came with my baubles! Thankyou to my lovely friend for this present that I "couldn't be ar**d " to order myself lol

So I've been having a play and made a couple for family, although I forgot to take photo's and they are now wrapped !

BUT I have also been playing with my sewing machine and combined my first effort into a wedding card. my daughters friend is getting married next year, so I am very well prepared lol

Its been a very funny day again here (whats new I hear you say?!!)

Will has a new hobby!!! MECCANO ........although he HAS been playing very nicely all day and that has meant I haven't been disturbed while I've been playing too lol

Someone says its Christmas next weekend! hmmmmmm I better get myself organised xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Second time lucky!

Technical Overload.....................tired to post once and it went PUFF!
I've had a very faffing and fiddling day today, shuffling and re arranging my craft room. WHY do I try to do these things ? cos I tried to set up my wi-fi printer to make a bit more room on my desk and Technophobia set in................ enough to say.............IT DIDN'T work.
I put it down to lack of chocolate due to erm......I couldnt find any
I must try harder, and as I have promised to blog more often, I really need to get myself sorted and have you all on the edge of your seat for the next episode lol
Watch this space xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

OK, slapped wrists yet again!

Ok I know I've been AWOL but I do have a very good excuse ( erm hang on while i have a think of one lol)

I just forget..............there ya go I said it.............. oh and I have been poorly, NO seriously I have for ages and ages ...............well 8 weeks ish lol

BUT I am gonna try really hard to keep my blog up to date in the New I have a very good friend nagging me almost daily to blog more often, although as she is probably the only one who visits it now. I could quite easily text her lmao BUT I AM GONNA TRY and I will put my crafty makes on more often

My darling husband bought me a new all singing all dancing sewing/embroidery machine for my birthday so I have been having a play with that lately. I made Christmas Oven gloves and ended up having to make all the family a set !

As we are going to my daughters this year for Christmas, I decided to make her an apron for her Christmas cooking, "Santa's Little Helper" I hope she likes it, also I have been doing a few "SPESH" ones but I cant put them on here yet!!!!

Also I am adding a candle that I made from a photo that my eldest son took of his wife and her Mum..............pretty good eh

If anyone is reading this, HAPPY CHRSITMAS and all best wishes for 2012. We've had a very up and down year all round, so lets hope the New Year brings better things

Catch you all again VERY soon..........honest xxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I know one or two of you may need picking up of the floor, but I have actually added a few cards to my blog for a change lol

It's been a while since I added any, mainly due to the fact that I forgot how to haha, But although I have been poorly this week ( It's ok I'll wait for the sympathy to die down lol) I managed to have a little play in my craft room today.

I have also added a couple of Birthday cards for 2 very special young ladies who will both be 11 at the end of the month( YEP, you guessed it ....they're twins lol)

I hope you like them, as you can see one is a REAL JLS fan and the other is totally opposite and enjoys reading every book she can find. I have seen a picture of this young lady sitting on a sledge in the snow, with a book in her hand and actually reading it

Ah to be young again
Take care all and watch this space lol xxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Finished at last!

Well, where do i start re the decorator from Hell ! Suffice to say, he will not be coming back !

He made a fabulous job of our bedroom and he was due to decorate the hall this week, only trying to pin him down was abit like knitting fog (IMPOSSIBLE!) Every time I rang he had a stupid excuse so i said " OK, we will strip the walls and paint the gloss and all you need to do is the ceiling and paper the walls"

Hmmmmm not as simple as it should have been, he finally painted the ceiling Thursday afternoon and was due back to paper on Friday at 11am. 12pm arrived and still no sign, so i ran him and NO ANSWER, I rang again, again, again and then Will called round ( he lives round the corner in the same village !) no answer although his car and van was outside.

So I decided to get rid of my anger and decorate it myself. It wasnt what I wanted to do, as my hands have been really painful lately and even lifting a cuppa was a chore. BUT I got on with it and with Wills help, it was finished and new curtains put up and pictures hung 3 hours nah nah nah nah nah nah to the decorator.

On top of al this my crafting laptop wasn't being very kind to me so I HAD to have a new one ( didn't I Lynne ? lol) after 2 days of installing and copying stuff to the new one, It is all ready for me to go play ONLY I have a sore throat, bad cough and lost my voice and feel rough so maybe tomorrow .

Today it is 6 yrs since I met my lovely hubby on a blind date through meeting on an internet dating site, So we're hopefully going out for a meal at the place where we met, ONLY this time HE won't be late and I won't be waiting at the bar on my own lol ( It was the first time I went into a pub on my own and look what I came out with lmao)

Catch you all later xxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

what a wonderful day

Well here I am again( twice in a week lol) The sun's shining beautifully and the horrible wind seems to have dropped at last.

Yesterday I had a visit from 2 of my "spesh" friends and we had such a laugh trying to understand a couple of crafting cd's.................well Lynne and I were laughing, I think Anjie was just stunned at how thick we ( or rather Lynne) could actually be hahaha. It all seemed to go so well and I knew exactly what to do until ...............they went home and I think they took my paint pallette with them, cos it sure isnt on the PSE programme lol OR if it is, its very well hidden !

I'm not saying it was the fault of the bottle of Rose' wine we drank, but I don't think that helped lol

Today I think I will be having a stripping day..................not because the suns shining lol but hopefully the decorator will manage to find his way here this week, to paper the hallway...............(note to self DO NOT ASK HIM HOW HE IS!) he would give Victor Meldrew a serious run for his money regarding moaning and complaining BUT he does a good job and I can cope as long as I put the ear muffs on!

Catch you all soon........................I dohope someone pops by to say hello xxx

Friday, 28 January 2011

Long time no blogging lol

If any of my followers are still following(lol) then I am sorry for not posting for a long long long time.............but due to this and that a little of the other( well not actually the OTHER lol) I just haven't had much to say..............and YES ok I can hear a few of you saying " Chrissy with nothing to say???"
Will had phuemonia. I had several chest infections, my arthritus stopped me crafting and even now it is painful to type but I AM BACK.....hopefully
We were supposed to go away at Christmas to Germany but that had to be cancelled due to me being ill, and NOW Will has got a cold.....................( aww come on give him SOME sympathy please, cos he doesnt get much from me haha) AWW thats so not fair as I have just squeezed 6 lemons and made him some refreshing lemonade lol

Oh I can hear some grumbling cos I am wittering on( I bet its coming from a certain person in Bramley lol)

I will try to post more regularly and keep you up to date with my crafting

TTFN xxx