Sunday, 13 February 2011

Finished at last!

Well, where do i start re the decorator from Hell ! Suffice to say, he will not be coming back !

He made a fabulous job of our bedroom and he was due to decorate the hall this week, only trying to pin him down was abit like knitting fog (IMPOSSIBLE!) Every time I rang he had a stupid excuse so i said " OK, we will strip the walls and paint the gloss and all you need to do is the ceiling and paper the walls"

Hmmmmm not as simple as it should have been, he finally painted the ceiling Thursday afternoon and was due back to paper on Friday at 11am. 12pm arrived and still no sign, so i ran him and NO ANSWER, I rang again, again, again and then Will called round ( he lives round the corner in the same village !) no answer although his car and van was outside.

So I decided to get rid of my anger and decorate it myself. It wasnt what I wanted to do, as my hands have been really painful lately and even lifting a cuppa was a chore. BUT I got on with it and with Wills help, it was finished and new curtains put up and pictures hung 3 hours nah nah nah nah nah nah to the decorator.

On top of al this my crafting laptop wasn't being very kind to me so I HAD to have a new one ( didn't I Lynne ? lol) after 2 days of installing and copying stuff to the new one, It is all ready for me to go play ONLY I have a sore throat, bad cough and lost my voice and feel rough so maybe tomorrow .

Today it is 6 yrs since I met my lovely hubby on a blind date through meeting on an internet dating site, So we're hopefully going out for a meal at the place where we met, ONLY this time HE won't be late and I won't be waiting at the bar on my own lol ( It was the first time I went into a pub on my own and look what I came out with lmao)

Catch you all later xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Happy Anniversary xxxxx
    You shudnt be decorating with your poorly hands, you are very naughty.
    I just knew you'd get a new lappy! Bet you got it Tuesday!!!