Friday, 22 February 2013

Well here I am again, Its been a busy week in my craft room again.
I've been busy sewing shopping bags and aprons for my fund raising day in June, I've alot of things in my head that I want to put into use, ( some might say its full of cotton wool, and alot of the time I would have to agree lol) so theres plenty of homemade crafts to swell the coffers for the YKPA.
It's also been a funny week thanks to my brother, as you know we had a very bad year last year and without going into too many details, our holiday had to be cancelled due to illness,  and of course the insurance wouldn't pay out, so we were not having a holiday this year due to a severe lack of funds. BUT my gorgeous( well he is at the moment lol) brother who lives in Bulgaria, had sorted us a holiday trip out to see him in July. We've always been very close and I miss him when he is away, although we only have to be back together  for 10 minutes and we're back to bickering lol, although I have to say its all in good humour and we both enjoy our verbal tennis matches. So roll on July when we can have a good few matches lol.
The weather has turned cold again and we have been promised more snow! A very good friend of mine has just flown on a holiday to Spain, she had the right idea lol

Here are some guest hand towels that have been embroidered
 These are waist aprons , the blue ones have a kitchen motif embroidered on the pocket
I have been making some lined shopping bags and now I am doing peg bags, oh! the fun I have all on my own in my little room is endless. I will blog again very soon, much to the amazement of Mrs W, catch you all soon xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Well! looks who's here again!
I can't believe how long it is since I last posted on my blog,, but I'm sure I'll be forgiven after all that happened last year.
For those of you who are still following me, you will know the horrendous year I had with illness and then major surgery for a stomach tumour after being taken ill in January last year. I had the surgery in St James Hospital in Leeds in May and had a few ( to put it mildly!) complications.
ANYHOO! here I am at last back and crafting my little socks off again.
 These little bags are a flannel and soap bar, made into a little handbag, all wrapped and ready for the fundraising in March
 Post it notes made into a little pad and decorated
 A selection of fridge magnets
 notelets and envelopes in a carry bag
 UR 18 & UR 21 fancy edge cards (all photo's are  copyrighted to Christine Durrant, please do not copy)
One of the things that kept me going last year, was being elected Secretary of our Local hosptial Kidney Patients Association, which gave me the full time job of organising and fund raising and I have to say it kept me sane and busy. Another very special  event last Noevember, was the birth of my eldest son and his wife's first gorgeous baby, thats another grandson to add to the three we already have and our darling Alfie is a cutie and a half, but then I am biased , but he is so a very big thank you to Jenny and Andrew xx