Friday, 28 January 2011

Long time no blogging lol

If any of my followers are still following(lol) then I am sorry for not posting for a long long long time.............but due to this and that a little of the other( well not actually the OTHER lol) I just haven't had much to say..............and YES ok I can hear a few of you saying " Chrissy with nothing to say???"
Will had phuemonia. I had several chest infections, my arthritus stopped me crafting and even now it is painful to type but I AM BACK.....hopefully
We were supposed to go away at Christmas to Germany but that had to be cancelled due to me being ill, and NOW Will has got a cold.....................( aww come on give him SOME sympathy please, cos he doesnt get much from me haha) AWW thats so not fair as I have just squeezed 6 lemons and made him some refreshing lemonade lol

Oh I can hear some grumbling cos I am wittering on( I bet its coming from a certain person in Bramley lol)

I will try to post more regularly and keep you up to date with my crafting

TTFN xxx