Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I know a certain someone who will be falling off her chair in shock,  "blogging twice in two days Mrs D!"
anyhoo, A very good friend of mine sent me a lovely get well card and a wall hanger. I decided to have a little fiddle using her idea ( Thank you Anjie) and I came up with these, which I think are quite cute.

What do you think? I thought they would be ideal for the T.A.L.K With Jordan Charity event later this month

Monday, 7 May 2012

VERY long while since I blogged, alot has been happening, but I won't go into details, except I have been reffered to Leeds General Infirmary next week, so hopefully we can get some answers.

|ANYHOO, I have been keeping myself busy making cards and gifts for the Hospice and the YKPA, also I am supporting a new charity set up by a friends daughter. A very good friend of hers, lost her young son recently in tragic curcumstances and they are setting up a support line to help young men who need to talk to an impatial voice. They are having a fund raising event later this month.If anyone would like to donate, would you please contact me and I will forward it on.
I've put a few on my recent designs on, which I am very happy with. I hope you like them
The disco image was a request from a friends husband and I have to say I am quite pleased with that too, my new sewing machine worked a treat lol
Hope to blog again soon, take care all

Friday, 10 February 2012

update and apologies

Just in case any one pops in, here's an update on the dramas at Durrant Towers.
After spending a week in hospital, having Will taken in as I came out and poor old Millie having a mishap, we are trying to settle into normal everyday life!!!............. as if...............no such luck lol
I'm still having problems and waiting to go back into hospital on 22nd of this month for follow up examinations. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but needs must and then they can start whatever they need to do for the little blighter and get the blooming thing out!
I'm being very positive, although nervous and a tad worried, but I have a good family and friends so I'm sure I'll have lots of support and.............. by the way ............THANK YOU to all my lovely family and friends for all they've had to cope with these past weeks.
Watch this space and will update as and when xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Feeling better at last!

I am very happy to report, at last feel like I have turned the corner with this blooming illness.
Although knowing me, I won't hold my breath just yet, maybe thats a good thing considering I can hardly breath some days lol

Anyhoo, I've been making a selection of wedding cards, as when the next charity event arrives, we should be heading towards that wonderful Moon and Spoon time ( soppy old romantic here lol)
As you can see, the bottom card , is a pop-up wedding carriage. I hope you like
I'm on a roll as I need to do some more, cos I know my daughter will be wanting at least 2 so off I jolly well go to my room to play.
Take care all xxx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happily crafting

After being grounded YET again, I decided to lock myself in my craft room and start on some bits for the next York Kidney Patient Association Fund raising event in March. as it will be coming up to the wedding season, I decided to make some wedding horseshoes,I made 3 in various sizes, but personally I prefer the smaller one.

I've also being doing a selection of Easter cards and some general cards too.

As I have quite a selection of cards already made, I decided to get in touch with the St Leonards Hospice in York, As some of you may know I have had personal experience of the wonderful work they do, and I have been asked to make some crafty bits for their summer sale and also to sell in their local charity shops. This is a charity very close to my heart so I am really happy to be part of the fund raising.

ah well, back to the tablets ......happy days xxxxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy NewYear to all my friends and followers

I said I was going to blog more often, and here I am lol, I hope its a good year for us all as 2011 had a few problems family wise .

I've managed a crafty day today, I keep promising myself some "ME" time ,but somehow it gets chewed up with other things, but today I've done a few cards.

The image on these three are from a stamp called Lizzie and I imported her into my Silhouette cuttting machine and put her in a fancy frame then coloured her and masde her into a card.

One of crafty "spesh" friends, is having an operation on her foot tomorrow, so she will be resting up for a while, and getting to grips with the silhoutte software, so I am really looking forward to seeing what she does!!!! (ahem ! I hope you're taking note Lady!lol)

I've also added the two "spesh" Christmas presents I made, as I couldn't add them before. Opps I just remembered I can only still add the one ,watch this space ; lol

Catch you all soon xxxxx