Tuesday, 8 February 2011

what a wonderful day

Well here I am again( twice in a week lol) The sun's shining beautifully and the horrible wind seems to have dropped at last.

Yesterday I had a visit from 2 of my "spesh" friends and we had such a laugh trying to understand a couple of crafting cd's.................well Lynne and I were laughing, I think Anjie was just stunned at how thick we ( or rather Lynne) could actually be hahaha. It all seemed to go so well and I knew exactly what to do until ...............they went home and I think they took my paint pallette with them, cos it sure isnt on the PSE programme lol OR if it is, its very well hidden !

I'm not saying it was the fault of the bottle of Rose' wine we drank, but I don't think that helped lol

Today I think I will be having a stripping day..................not because the suns shining lol but hopefully the decorator will manage to find his way here this week, to paper the hallway...............(note to self DO NOT ASK HIM HOW HE IS!) he would give Victor Meldrew a serious run for his money regarding moaning and complaining BUT he does a good job and I can cope as long as I put the ear muffs on!

Catch you all soon........................I dohope someone pops by to say hello xxx

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh my you are so funny!!!!!!
    have you found that paint pot yet???
    I had a brilliant time on Monday, thank you for having us, it was fab to see you.
    It was such hard work wasnt it been taught to understand those cds?? (lmao)
    Have you actually managed to make something from one yet???? haha
    Can't wait for our next get together, even tho I will be spending my birthday all alone this year (*sniffs as the tears roll down my cheeks*)