Wednesday, 14 December 2011

OK, slapped wrists yet again!

Ok I know I've been AWOL but I do have a very good excuse ( erm hang on while i have a think of one lol)

I just forget..............there ya go I said it.............. oh and I have been poorly, NO seriously I have for ages and ages ...............well 8 weeks ish lol

BUT I am gonna try really hard to keep my blog up to date in the New I have a very good friend nagging me almost daily to blog more often, although as she is probably the only one who visits it now. I could quite easily text her lmao BUT I AM GONNA TRY and I will put my crafty makes on more often

My darling husband bought me a new all singing all dancing sewing/embroidery machine for my birthday so I have been having a play with that lately. I made Christmas Oven gloves and ended up having to make all the family a set !

As we are going to my daughters this year for Christmas, I decided to make her an apron for her Christmas cooking, "Santa's Little Helper" I hope she likes it, also I have been doing a few "SPESH" ones but I cant put them on here yet!!!!

Also I am adding a candle that I made from a photo that my eldest son took of his wife and her Mum..............pretty good eh

If anyone is reading this, HAPPY CHRSITMAS and all best wishes for 2012. We've had a very up and down year all round, so lets hope the New Year brings better things

Catch you all again VERY soon..........honest xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. OMG, hang on a min whilst I pick myself up off the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sarky...............but arent you impressed now?