Monday, 19 December 2011

I've been playing!

At last the postman came with my baubles! Thankyou to my lovely friend for this present that I "couldn't be ar**d " to order myself lol

So I've been having a play and made a couple for family, although I forgot to take photo's and they are now wrapped !

BUT I have also been playing with my sewing machine and combined my first effort into a wedding card. my daughters friend is getting married next year, so I am very well prepared lol

Its been a very funny day again here (whats new I hear you say?!!)

Will has a new hobby!!! MECCANO ........although he HAS been playing very nicely all day and that has meant I haven't been disturbed while I've been playing too lol

Someone says its Christmas next weekend! hmmmmmm I better get myself organised xxxxxxxx


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh Chrissy that card is amazing. Its gorgeous. Did it take long to do? I can see a new 'shed' coming on at your house for Will's mechano!!! Gald the baubles finally made an appearance, took long enough!!! Well done on blogging AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks Lynne, it didnt take too long as I set it going and it sews all on its own, I am only needed to change the thread lol,looks like its only you and me that read this lmao

  3. count yourself lucky I do then!!!!