Monday, 5 April 2010

AWOL apologies

Well where do I start?
its been a funny couple of weeks here, first of all I have had poor hubby ill in bed for almost a week, we all know how MAN flu affects the weaker sex ( his words not mine)but he was quite ill and needed the doctor to visit............THEN he very kindly passed his bugs on to me, but now we all know how far superior we are at handling illness.............mainly because we have to as nothing would get done around here lol and I have been struggling with a bad chest and aches and pains but only managed half a day in bed lol as hoovering and chores make me better ( my words not his lol)
I have managed to make a few cards between chasing Millie for this and trying to retrieve that and getting nowhere..............Today I found her with my blister pack of decongestants, minus 2 tablets....she never told me she had a bad chest!
and then this evening I poured myself a glass of Rose`, went to the kitchen getting things ready for tea.............and she came happily in licking her lips and smelling strongly of alcohol, when I checked my glass it was half empty....................Anyone want an alcoholic puppy with a bad chest?

Any tips on puppy care. gladly accepted lol

1 comment:

  1. She fits in so well in your household Chrissy!!
    Put your glass higher, thats my tip!!!