Thursday, 11 March 2010

Postie still not called

All my fellow crafters will understand my frustration,we just dont do waiting for craft stuff do we? I've been waiting a whole 5 days now and the strain is beginning to show lol
here are a few cards I made this week, using my treasured Martha Stewart Punches and some shiny animal decoupage. I am managing to pinch a few minutes todayas Millie has had 2 very long walks already and at the moment she is sleeping, only she knows for how long lol


  1. wow all your cards are gorgeous chrissy
    my mo has pushed of today and i am sat doing nuffin lol
    i am waiting for my ms punches from js ordered them monday so not happy they still arent here

  2. they are all brilliant Chrissy, i love my ms punches as well will defo have to get some more. hope postie comes soon.

  3. Oh Chrissy these are fantastic, you must be really pleased with them.
    God help your postie when he does bring your treasures lol!!