Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I Was Robbed!!

My darling sister in law came to stay yesterday. her and my brother live in Bulgaria and they take it in turns to come over a few times a year( they do get on lol but Sue's mum lives with them and needs looking after so can't be left alone)

Anyway.........I have been trying for ages to get her into crafting as she doesn't have a hobby, I have been sending her bits to get her going but when she came yesterday she ravaged my craft stash!! and when I say ravaged...I MEAN ravaged lol

from my gems to my gadgets, from my pens to my paper lol I have a suspicion her luggage allowance will be over when she checks in at Luton.... ha!ha! serves you right lady lol

My peel off pens have disappeared, along with my clear stamping block and a lorra lorra other bits, Its a good job I love her and helped her pack them safey lol

I miss her when she goes home, this time I am missing alot more haha

This afternoon I had a little play with my distressing inks and I have to say I like the effect! what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. It makes a change from me going home with a stash doesn't it!!
    That means theres nothing left for me.
    Well I shant be visiting until you replenished your stock lmao xxxxx